My 2017 Goals and 2016 Review


Some of you may know that January 25, 2016 marks my one-year anniversary at Med Device Talent. As the founder of the company, this also means we are celebrating our one year.


Some of you that are familiar with my story…


The story of how I quit a “cushy” corporate talent acquisition leadership job after 11 years of building the fastest-growing and most successful medical device company of the past decade may ask, “How is it going Mike?”

My response: Too early to tell. You need to read the article to find out.

Proudest Moments of 2016

  • Advanced My Personal Mission of Helping People Achieve Their Career Goals and Helping Companies in the Med Device Industry Grow – I am most proud of the people and companies I was able to help! I am very lucky to be in a position to have such an impact on people and society.
  • Established Med Device Talent with a Solid Foundation No surprise to most, but I started MDT in my home office. Did you know that over 60% of all recruiters are home based and have one person in their company? I am proud that within 3 months we established an office in Mission Viejo and started building a team! We now compete with the top search firms in the med tech industry. Between you and me, they have started to copy us because we are doing so well in social media! 
  • Developed and Distributed High-Quality Content – This is the one I am most amazed with. If you asked me what I would be doing back in October 2015 when I made the decision to quit my job and start a business, it would not have included any of the following:


What’s next for 2017?

Wow, I am not sure how to follow up on 2016. I am still catching my breath, and I am really surprised I didn’t get carpal tunnel from all that writing.


List of Med Device Talent Goals for 2017


  • Help More Candidates and Companies – We are committed to finding the very best talent for our clients and helping our candidates identify the most interesting jobs both here in Orange County and through the US medical device industry.
  • Build Med Device Talent – We will be adding more people to the team both globally and here in the US. The war for talent is red hot, and we are here to help you! I will continue to invest in people, technology, and infrastructure to be on the cutting edge of the recruitment industry.
  • Continue Producing the Best Content in the Medical Device Industry 
  • Podcasting – 12 more podcasts in 2017
  • YouTube – We will be putting a major focus on our YouTube channel subscribers to see the best content first.
  • Writing
    • I think I have one more book in me for 2017 (I didn’t plan any books for 2016 so we will see; maybe I will write five this year.)
    • I will continue to write monthly LinkedIn articles and posts to the blog.


Final Thoughts

Year one of Med Device Talent was an AMAZING YEAR. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in year two and beyond.

Thank you so much for being part of our community and please take a moment to like, share, and subscribe to any and all of the content that works for you!

Best Regards,